Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doin' it for the children !


"Moshi Moshi is movin' across town suckas, probably cuz that crazy fool Murdock is talkin' to his hand again . Looks like Hannibal is on the jazz again and he has this plan to help these kids get to where they are goin - so stop your jibba jabbin and listen up! My friend Levi needs to help his friends to go on a field trip that we could all learn somethin from. We put together a crack team from back in the 'Nam to do some work here so listen up fools and start thinkin about showin up!"

Moshi Moshi will be closed through most of the month of February and will reopen on Thursday March 6th for a Mr. T themed group art show at 916 West Burnside, right in the heart of downtown Portland. Alot of great people are contributing pieces and a portion of the proceeds will go the Opal Creek Scholarship fund for Buckman Elementary School. This is so some kids that may not otherwise be able to afford it can go on a great field trip to Opal Creek and have a great time while learning something worthwhile. Keep an eye here for more info....

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