Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Angela Raines is coming soon!

Her bunny rabbit themed exhibition "Hook'n up" opens here at Moshi Moshi on Thursday April 3rd.

This is what Angela has to say about herself:"For over one hundred glorious years I have been refining my art form from crude pencil sketches to fine oil paintings, finally realizing my dream of painting corny silly things that are barely coherent. When you're a child your thoughts turn to horses, puppies, and large naval battles, you don't give thought to the future. Where will your life take you? How will you ever learn origami? Can I find my shoes today? I look into the face of evil and say "YES!".

So until I succumb to the ravages of age and can no longer be an idiot I will keep painting and maybe one day I'll find my rainbow."

We think she is super awesome and super nice to boot! You can learn more about her at

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